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“ Harness the energy of the natural and built environment to forge prospects for you and your business “


Property Investors and Developers


The AFS team has experience in commercial and residential developments, mixedâ£á¡§use, industrial parks, office and retail centers, and property management.

Traditional feng shui is used to ensure your companies competitive advantage and is being used as an increasingly significant part of the building industry. Depending on the project, we can assist you from site selection to the final details assuring that every level of the project can increase your profit potential.

AFS can assist you with:

Selecting property for the greatest return on investment

Improving communications

Reducing construction delays and errors

Enhancing rate of sale or lease

Increasing profitability

Designing the sales office

A smoothly run and efficient project is a joy to work on and ensures that the workers and the final patrons are content and satisfied, building your reputation for creating projects that are successful and long lasting.