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“ Harness the energy of the natural and built environment to forge prospects for you and your business “




The AFS team has experience in designing headquarters, regional and district offices, subsidiaries, manufacturing, industry, national and international chain stores.

Each type of corporation requires different design considerations to make it successful. From headquarters to branch offices the goal is that each separate entity operate efficiently and profitably. All corporations are similar in their desire to be profitable and continue to maintain a reputation of high quality service.

The AFS team can assist at all levels of your company structure by addressing the needs of executives, management, employees and investors:

Improve communication

Increase management ability and decision making

Enhance coordination and teamwork among all offices

Increase productivity

Whether your company is domestically based or international, one building or a campus, we have the expertise to assist you. Your headquarters is the cornerstone of your business and establishing branch offices is important for gathering an increasing share of your market. AFS assists you to maximize this growth potential. We tailor our techniques to suit and support the unique mission and objectives of your company.