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“ Harness the energy of the natural and built environment to forge prospects for you and your business “



Companies and developers retain the services of Alliance Feng Shui and consider traditional feng shui to be one of their most favorable investments. It has been used to create successful business ventures for centuries and is no longer a practice reserved for eastern cultures or the elite few - the western world is embracing true traditional feng shui for its overall profit-creating abilities. In a highly competitive world companies strive to increase their return on investment and at the same time offer value, service and quality. With our expertise we can help you achieve and sustain the prime position in your market.

The AFS team addresses client goals and industry needs to create more opportunities, effective work environments and increase profitability.

This is accomplished by:

Facilitating decision-making abilities

 Boosting employee performance and stability

 Improving interpersonal communications

 Enhancing customer service

 Raising operational efficiency

We apply traditional feng shui on many levels: from single-family residential to neighborhood developments; commercial, industrial, and corporate properties; regional and countrywide planning. We assess and make recommendations to existing premises as well as advise and guide new developments.

From concept to completion we assist you by working alongside your developers, planners, architects, and contractors. The AFS team observes key phases of the construction process ensuring that our recommendations of specific techniques are being followed. We are there from start to completion.