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“ Harness the energy of the natural and built environment to forge prospects for you and your business “


Design Strategies for Success


Alliance Feng Shui (AFS) is the only team in the world specializing in traditional feng shui for business and property development. Our expertise has cultivated a reputation that is highly regarded in the business world.

We assist success-oriented businesses to incorporate traditional feng shui into all aspects of planning and property design to gain and maintain a competitive advantage and to build long-term asset value. The AFS team works with you and your business to affect your aesthetic, environmental, economic and social goals. We are dedicated to our long-term client relationships and tailor our services to the requirements of companies at every level. AFS can handle projects of any scope or complexity anywhere in the world.

We work with clients who are truly invested in maximizing their venture to assist them in realizing their visions. Utilizing traditional feng shui design strategies; client goals and industry needs are addressed to create opportunities, more efficiency and increased profits.